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Why are so many Indians going to Thailand?

Thailand has become the third country in the world, leaving France behind this year in earning money from foreign tourism. According to the research of Financial Times, Indians have brought Thailand to this position. In 2017 Thailand received revenues of $ 58 billion from tourism. In 2018, 3.5 million tourists came to Thailand. If this is the same pace, within five years Thailand can get behind the Spain, second place and then America will be ahead of it. The tourism industry is proving to be the most beneficial for Thailand.

The Financial Times says if the tourism industry is removed, its economy will grow at a rate of 3.3 percent. In the first half of 2018, the tourism industry contributed 12.4 percent to Thailand’s GDP. This is equivalent to Thailand’s automobile industry. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that domestic and foreign tourism contributed 21.2 percent in Thailand’s GDP. India is behind the boom in Thailand’s tourism. After India, China also contributes to it. There are several China Airports  from which to take Thailand for three to four hours. Last year 14 lakh Indians went to Thailand and it is 18.2 percent more than the previous year.

Indians going to Thailand from 2010 have increased by an average of 10 percent each year. India was at number five in 2017 in the number of tourists coming to Thailand, while on the seventh in the year 2013.

Why Indians Like to Visit Thailand?

It takes four to five hours for New Delhi to go to Thailand’s capital Bangkok. For Indians who travel by flight in their country, the rent for Bangkok is not too much for them. In today’s date, flights from five to eight thousand can be reached from Bangkok.
Thailand is known for its beautiful beach. The beauty of Thailand also attracts tourists from around the world. There is no beach nearby beautiful for the Indians.
Being also Near and cheap, Indians also like Thailand very well. India’s lower middle class can not bear the cost of Europe, in which Thailand comes out as a strong alternative.

If you are going to Thailand then take care of these things.

Thailand also has cultural relation with India. People from Thailand follow Buddhism In such a way, India is not a stranger country for Thailand. Thailand is the main country to interact in Southeast Asia. Throughout Thailand, the entire peninsula can be turned cheaply. In Thailand, Indians are travel between December to July.

There is considerable temptation in the blue water of the Indians and the white sand of the beach. Getting a visa for Thailand is very easy for Indians because Thailand offers Visa on Arrival for them. Even online can be applied for a visa in Thailand.

India is hot-tempered, while Thailand’s weather is very favorable. Maximum temperature goes up to 33. Indians also enjoy Spicy Street Food in Thailand. Indians here eat ice cream and seafood. There are many big Buddha temples in Bangkok.

The Thailand Tourist website says that a large number of Indians also come here who want to have sex with their minds. Although this website says that the image of men of Indian and Arab men is not very well in Thailand.

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